Acrylic Dentures

When someone hears the word “denture”, what comes to mind for most people is likely to be a standard acrylic denture, made of a pink plastic material, and covering the palate.  At Clinical Denture Centre Peter can provide three qualities of acrylic denture.  He uses a Hi Base high-density acrylic for all of them, so “less expensive” does not mean “cheap” – prices depend very much upon the individual patient’s needs.  This would be for a nice serviceable denture, using a good quality independent tooth, with a lifespan of say four to five years.  For a little higher cost, you could have a higher quality Ivoclar PE tooth; or, for top quality, he can make a set of dentures using the complete Ivobase System. Click here to download PDF of Ivobase System.

An acrylic denture is often considered an introductory, almost “training”, denture for a patient who has not previously worn dentures.  Acrylic is also often used for an immediate replacement denture (ie, the teeth are taken out and the denture fitted immediately, often while the patient is still numb from the extraction) as a temporary denture; other options can be considered for the long-term later once the patient has adapted to wearing a denture.

All acrylic dentures do involve a degree of palatal coverage, with a full upper denture needing full coverage of the palate.  The upper denture is held in place by suction, which requires that the patient has good concentrated saliva present; it is the shape of the lower denture that holds it in place.  For some patients, it may be possible to utilise a new full lower suction iDenture technique.

Looking further ahead, acrylic dentures are the simplest to have repairs made or additions made to them – these can often be done in just an hour.