Clinical Denture Centre is a local practice owned by the clinical dental technician who actually makes your dentures, unlike dental and denture franchise and chain stores. Independent providers like ours have better quality control and incentive to satisfy your personalised needs.

Clinical Denture Centre has an on-premise dental laboratory where dentures are individually designed and handcrafted. The on-site laboratory assures complete support in performing multitask denture services, meaning less wait from start to finish.

One and two-step procedures such as denture relines and denture repairs can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional dental practices.

Whether you require a full set of dentures, full upper dentures, full lower dentures or removable flexible dentures, Clinical Denture Centre will deliver the care, treatment and professionalism you deserve.

Our range of dentures has prices to suit all pockets, with a range of budget right up to the best quality available today.

Budget, however, does not mean inferior. All our dentures are handmade using the latest techniques and carry a one year guarantee and free quality aftercare.

If you are having problems with your dentures or feel that you are not getting good value for your money, call in and see us now or ring to make an appointment.

Our practice is wheelchair friendly and has easy access for the elderly or disabled.

Clinical Denture Centre