Info Downloads

New Dentures

It takes time to get used to new dentures – following the advice on this fact sheet will help.

Download our New Dentures sheet

Denture Care

Instructions on how to care for your dentures at home.

Download our Denture Care sheet

Download our Specific Information for Flexible Denture Care sheet.

Download our Specific Information for Implant-Retained Denture Care sheet.

Download our Specific Information for Immediate Fit Denture Care sheet.

Medical History Form

All new patients need to complete a Medical History Form – to save time, please complete this and bring the completed form with you.

Download our Medical History form

Dentist denture referral request

If you require dentures and have any of your own teeth left, by law we are obliged to obtain a dentist’s referral to confirm that you are dentally fit before we are able to carry out this work.  We can contact your dentist for you once you have visited our practice; or refer to you a local dentist if you do not have your own dentist; or, to save time, you could complete this form and take it in to your dentist and ask them to sign it, then bring the signed form with you when you come in to see us.

Download our Dentist Denture Referral form.