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Acrylic Dentures

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Flexible Dentures

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Chrome Dentures

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Identure Dentures

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Fixed Hybrid

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Perfect Dentures

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Discussion of all your options. Take an impression of your teeth when you decide to proceed.

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Bite Registration

Bite on to a wax model to locate your bite (the vertical dimensions of your mouth - how your upper and lower teeth fit together).

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Teeth are set into an articulated wax model in the form of a denture to check fit and appearance.

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Final eases and adjustments - you take your teeth away.

Broken dentures should only ever be repaired by someone
who is trained and qualified to carry out the repair. If your
dentures are broken, we can quickly repair them, but
remember, even professionally repaired dentures will always retain a weakness and will eventually require replacement.

If possible keep all the broken pieces together and soak them in a glass of cold water until your appointment. Try not to let the dentures dry out.

There are denture repair kits available that allow you to fix your dentures yourself at home. They usually involve the use of super glue which is in itself a harmful substance. This may seem like a quick and convenient solution, but attempting to repair them yourself may end up resulting in further damage and make your denture uncomfortable to wear. Attempting to do a quick fix yourself will probably just cause more problems in the long run. It is always advisable to have your denture fixed by a professional who has the correct knowledge and equipment to do a good job.

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What Else Can

We Do For You?

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Repairs for when they are cracked, chipped or completely broken.

Clinical Denture Centre


Eases and adjustments for both new and existing dentures.

Clinical Denture Centre


Clear and impartial professional advice on denture-related matters.

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Oral Hygiene Checks

Oral checks during the denture making process or annual check-up.

Clinical Denture Centre

Denture Checks

Annual check-up to ensure your dentures are still fitting properly.

Clinical Denture Centre

Path of referral to local dentists

Either back to your own dentist, or to another local dentist if you do not already have one.

Our Team

Clinical Denture Centre is a local practice owned by Peter Price – independent providers like ours have better quality control and incentive to satisfy your personalized needs.

Clinical Denture Centre

Peter Price CDT dip RCS

Peter qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician with the Royal College of Surgeons in London as part of the first cohort to do the course in England, after working as a Dental Technician for almost 20 years.


Google Reviews

Maureen Hook
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I want to say how grateful I am to Peter for sorting out my denture so that it fitted, (not an easy task after I had tried to do it myself) The Covid19 precautions in place made me feel safe. Highly Recommended
Lynne Heywood
Read More
Peter Price is amazing, and so pleased I found him, after being referred to other denture clinicians from my dentist. All of which were hopeless. This was a very challenging task, and he worked on my dentures for many hours, but the end result was brilliant, and cannot thank him enough for his time and patience. The practice is friendly, professional, and spotlessly cleaned every time a new client comes for an appointment, thank you Alison and Vanessa.
Peter Rabey
Read More
Terrific speed of response, professionalism and result. Absolutely could not fault!
Colin Gates
Read More
I've now had 2 sets of dentures made by Peter Price and on both occasions the end product has been first class with a comfortable fit and no adjustments required. The service provided has always been very comprehensive and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone needing work in relation to dentures to use the services provided at Canterbury Dentures Ltd.
J Rogers
Read More
I am incredibly delighted with my new denture fitted yesterday! It is so easy to manage really light and delicate and means I can smile again! I was treated both by Peter and Alison with great kindness and consideration and of course wouldn't hesitate to go back! I would highly recommend Canterbury Dentures.
Al Charles Adkins
Read More
The best thing I have ever done was to go to Peter price at Deal denture centre my I denture are perfect
julia .r mook
Read More
To anyone considering implants for their dentures see Peter and go for it! He is a craftsman and will give you so much confidence. I can eat steak, nuts in fact have yet to be defeated.
Ian & Sheila Nicholls
Read More
The new method and concepts were explained very clearly and the whole process was most thorough and professional. The fitting and subsequent very minor adjustments were carried out quickly and the end result very much appreciated by me . I can recommend Peter Price and the Clinical Denture Centre.
Darren Anslow
Read More
After a bad experience with a dentist in the past I hadn't seen one in twenty years. Consequently it took my choppers completely giving up for me to start the process of sorting things out. While arranging for extractions a friend recommended Canterbury Dentures. I gummed the bullet and went to see them. I was so relieved to find a pleasant, professional service with no judgement. Peter Price the proprietor is a rare thing these days, someone who is relaxed and friendly but gets the job done right. I've gone from being ashamed of my teeth to smiling from ear to ear. I feel like I have a new lease of life and Peter and his team are a significant part of that for me. People have no idea that I've been there but I won't soon forget the service I received. Thanks to all at Canterbury Dentures.
Tina York
Read More
I'm so happy with my new denture......just wish Id found you 15years ago!! A very MASSIVE Thank you for making my smile, even better 🙂
Lesley Reynolds
Read More
Having had an uncomfortable bottom denture for about a year, it was with great relief that our very professional Peter managed to sort it out for me. I found him a very informative and "unpushy" young man and look forward to having a new denture made by him towards the end of the Summer.
robert wood
Read More
Felt at ease immidiately. Excellent treatment. 10 out of 10. Would certainly go back again if needed.
Laura Bassett
Read More
Dr. Price is an artist! He had the difficult task of recreating my smile despite never seeing me with my teeth or proper dentures. The accident which necessitated my needing complete upper dentures occurred in America and teeth were extracted prior to my moving to Canterbury. When I first came to see him I was wearing the discount Intermediate dentures I was given post extraction which looked NOTHING like my original teeth. Using photos and multiple fittings he fine tuned my new dentures and made me look like me again. The results were so dramatic my 30 year old daughter wept when she first saw me wearing them. In the three months since I got them the aftercare has been equally satisfying with timely adjustments and genuine concern from Dr Price and all his staff. I would recommend Canterbury Dentures without hesitation for care, quality and price!!
Margaret Milligan
Read More
Very friendly, and excellent professional service all round. Highly recommended.
Stephen Sherlock
Read More
Absolute kind, courteous and professional service- Thank you Peter !!