Identure Dentures

If for some reason you are not able to have implants (for example, if you are lacking sufficient bone), or you simply do not want them, an iDent denture can be a very good alternative.  This technique has been developed by Dr Jiro Abe, working with Ivoclar, and generally results in a noticeably better functioning denture, especially on the lower arch.  The degree of success achieved with the denture does depend on your having the right anatomical structures in your mouth, and this will be assessed at the first consultation stage before you decide to proceed with an iDent denture.

Whereas a partial denture is retained by clips, clasps or, in the case of a flexible denture, shaping to fit around existing teeth, a full denture does not have this advantage and without implants (an implant-retained denture) will need to rely on a suction seal .  This can be achieved fairly easily with an upper denture, which has the broader expanse of the palate, but is very much harder to attain with a lower denture.  Lower dentures get pushed around when speaking or eating by the tongue, lips and cheek muscles; and many people have got into the very bad habit of playing with their denture with their tongue, moving and lifting it.  For this reason, it can take much longer for someone to get used to wearing a lower denture and holding it in place with facial muscles.

The iDenture process is more involved than the conventional way of taking impression, using facial expressions and border moulding at its core.  Whereas the conventional method of taking impressions with standard trays displaces the soft tissues outwards and away, allowing them to work against the denture once in place, the iDent technique takes the impressions in such a way that the soft tissues mould around the denture and work with it to help retention.

All superior quality materials are used, from top grade teeth to high density acrylic, and the Ivobase system is used to complete the denture.  A certain amount of acrylic shrinkage can occur with the conventional process, which can compromise the fit – the Ivobase system can reduce this.

Peter has undertaken all the relevant training and is continually studying and improving his technique.

“It’s more than a denture, it’s your smile.”

Ask your Clinical Dental Technician or dentist today about iDentures, the denture system that offers more options, better aesthetics, greater function and more confidence.

This video demonstrates a successful full lower iDenture denture, with no teeth to act as anchors so relying entirely on suction to retain in place. Watch it with the sound on – you are listening for the “pop” of the suction releasing as the denture is removed. Wearers of a lower denture will know how difficult it can be to achieve suction on a lower denture!