Implant Retained

Complete dentures can be retained in the mouth by the use of dental implants.  These are small titanium screws that are placed in your jaw-bones that replicate the function of lost roots, to which the denture is then attached.  Dental implants offer high strength and durability.  They help denture wearers avoid unstable dentures, gum irritations, pressure points, sore spots, taste impairments and poor speech.

The patient, in this case, has 4 implants, 2 upper and 2 lower. Locators are fitted into the dentures, which then click on to the implants in the mouth.

Implant retained dentures are made by the Clinical Dental Technician working very closely in conjunction with a dentist, who would be the clinician in charge of the procedure for placing the implants.  If you would like to consider this option, please come in to discuss with Peter, our Clinical Dental Technician, who will then be able to refer you to an appropriate dentist who specialises in implants.  You will need to be assessed thoroughly to see whether implants are suitable for you and if so, the dentist will arrange to place the implants.  Peter will then make you the denture which will be attached to the implants by locators.

Hybrid Denture


For the person who requires a full arch restoration – someone has lost all their own natural teeth from either their upper or lower jaw, or indeed from both – a hybrid denture is perhaps the closest thing to having all your own natural teeth back.  It’s a cross between a removable denture and a fixed dental bridge, or to put it another way it’s a denture that is permanently attached to implants in your jaw bone. It can’t move around in your mouth causing embarrassment to you or irritation and soreness to your gums, it doesn’t come out at night, and you will once again be able to eat almost anything you want.