Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are made up of a Vitallium chrome metal frame combined with either flexible or acrylic material.  They are more stable and protect the gingival margins of a patient’s existing dentition.  The palate may be kept relatively free with a chrome denture; combined with flexible Valplast there will be no unsightly metal clasps showing, or the chrome will add strength when combined with acrylic. The choice will be made tailored to the patient’s exact needs. Our chrome dentures are made with an extremely highly polished mirror finish, which will always feel smooth in the patient’s mouth.

Chrome dentures are not for everyone, however.  If a patient suffers periodontal issues, with lots of mobility of their existing teeth, a chrome denture may not be recommended because they will probably not get the full life of the chrome denture, as it is not as easy to add teeth to the denture as natural teeth are lost.  Having said this, if it is known that a tooth will be lost soon, it is possible to design the chrome denture in preparation for that eventuality. The final decision will, of course, be the patient’s.

Chrome dentures are extremely strong and highly unlikely to break.  They have an expected lifespan of around eight years or more, provided the patient’s dentition does not change.